Vikas Dubey Encounter

Vikas Dubey Encounter- Vikas Dubey was shot dead when he tried to escape after the car met an accident, police asked him to surrender but he fired at them, forcing them to retaliate, Police officials said on friday in a statement.

The Car in which Vikas Dubey was there one of the three in the convoy, overturned on the highway then he tried to escape after snatching a gun from an injured policeman and ran outside the car to escape. Then he got caught up and asked to surrender but he refused to do so, and started filing on policemen, so to retaliate police also had to start fire in self-defence, said by Kunpur police in a statement.

Then after that police took Vikas Dubey to the Hospital as he got injured but during the treatment he died.

Moreover during last five days, five of Vikas Dubey aides had been killed.

After got to know that Vikas Dubey Encounter former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav took to twitter where he said “Dar Asal Ye Car Nahi Palti Hai, Raaz Khulne Se Sarkar Palatne Se Bachaai Gayi Hai”.

So after people learned about that Vikas Dubey is dead now so people are sharing their views on social media have a look below:

People are also talking that it’s an act done by police as it’s obvious that he could take the name of all the politicians and policemen who were connected with him, so that’s the reason he got killed by policemen.

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