top five whatsapp features

WhatsApp is the Mobile App that now a days every mobile has and everyone uses this on daily basis and it consists of a lot of settings and features that could be helpful for people, so in this guide I’m going to tell you Top Five WhatsApp Features That barely People Knows.

People know these settings and uses them but generally not everyone uses these settings and features that is very useful for WhatsApp users.

Top Five WhatsApp Features:

1- Blue Tick Hide Feature: Well we all know that now WhatsApp is having blue tick as read receipt which tell the sender that message has been seen, so sometimes a person wants that he or she could read the message and the sender would not be able to see blue tick, well it’s very easy. All you need to do is to go to “Settings” then “Acccount” and then “Privacy” and then you will see an option where it will be written as “Read Receipts” and it is generally enable but if you want to hide blue tick then all you have to do is to disable “Read Receipts”.

So after doing this simple setting your read receipts will be off and then you can read any WhatsApp message and sender would not get a blue tick on your message.

2- Hide Privacy: Well this is also another setting and features that people don’t know, however those people who uses whatsapp on daily basis knows this but people who are less socialistic and don’t have tech knowledge don’t know this, in the privacy settings you can hide your last seen, profile photo, status so that not everyone can see your photos and activities.

3- Message Delete: Well another features is that you can delete messages it could be either your message or the sender’s message but initially when this feature was launched then you can delete your message within seven minutes but later it has been increased to around sixty minutes.

Top Five WhatsApp Features
Top Five WhatsApp Features

4- Font Styles: Well it’s also another features which will let you know that how you can change you fonts to bold, Italic, Cutted and many more i suggest you that if you want to check this amazing feature then you should watch this detailed video which will let you know how to use it. You can send a lot of interesting texts by changing font styles and change a line or a sentence to bold.

5- Story Settings: Well it’s also another feature that let you limit people so that not everyone can see your story in your contact list.

All you have to go is to settings in that you will see that to whom you want to share your story to, it could be just few people or everyone in your contact list, you can select people to whosoever you want to share your status and story to and then they will be able to see your story and status.

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