top five MX player best web series

In this article I’m going to list top five MX player best web series that you should watch and if you haven’t watch then you will love to see them all.

Number 1- Pyaar Lafzon me Mein Kahan: It’s a very famous Turkish Drama, Series that is also in demand and Indians love this too.

In MX Player you can watch this drama for free and it’s hindi dubbed too. It consists of 110 episodes which are dubbed in hindi and in high quality too.

Cast- Hande Ercel as Hayat Uzun, Burak Deniz as Murat Sarsilmaz, Merve Cagiran as Ipek, Oguzhan Karbi as Doruk Sarsilmaz, Gozde Kocaoglu as Charlla, Betul Cobanoglu as Derya Sarsilmaz and many more.

Number 2- Hello Mini: This web series is getting on demand day by day due to it’s thriller. You will watch all the episodes still you will be unable to get the logic of the stalker who is stalking Rivanah Bannerjee, she thinks that the stalker is the secret admirer no one know who is that person.

In the last episode you will get a hint that who could be that stalker but the fact you will learn in last episode, so that watch it today.

Cast- Arjun Aneja as Prateek Basotia, Priya Banerjee as Ishita, Gaurav Chopra as Aditya Grover, Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Bannerjee and many more.

Top Five MX Player Best Web Series
Top Five MX Player Best Web Series

Number 3- Mastram: This adult web series is also on demand and more and more people are loving this web series due to the role of the writer “Mastram” and other female actresses too.

This web series consists of 10 episodes of about 25-30 minutes each that will blow your mind.

Cast- Tara Alisha Berry as Renu, Rahul Bagga as Rajaram, Rani Chatterjee as the ” the corn seller in bus” and many more.

So on number two on the list of “Top Five MX Player Best Web Series” is based on crime that will blow your mind.

Number 2- Raktanchal: This is the web series that is based on crime and thrill, Raktanchal consists of 9 episodes and it’s hindi dubbed. You will love this web series due to roles played so fascinating.

Cast- Kranti Prakash Jha as Vijay Singh, Nikitin Dheer as Waseem Khan, Ronjini Chakrabory as Seema and many more.

Number 1- Charitraheen: This web series stands on number 1 due to it’s fascinating roles and heart wrenching episodes.

Initially in season 1 it’s normal and very interesting but in season 2 your heart will melt to see the episodes.

Kiran is young and a bewitching married woman who is faithful to her husband, but things gets worst in the mid and you will thrilled to see the episodes in season 1.

It consists of 2 season and both are hindi dubbed and a quite quality so go and watch.

Cast- Naina Ganguly as Kiranmoyee, Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama, Saurav Chakraborty as Abhay (Doctor) , and many more.

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