MX player is also a great platform for those who are searching for movies to watch. Just like Raktanchal, Charitraheen series by Hoichoi is also on trend on MX Player.

So here i’m going to list top five Movies/Web Series that one should must watch on MX Player.

Number 5- Drive Angry: As the name is indicating you must be thinking that this movie is all about Racing Cars, Heist.

But that’s not true ironically this movie is all about a man who has come from hell to save a baby.

The main character in this movie is Nicolas Cage who is chasing and killing people who believes in Black magic and Lucifer.

Well another actor in the movie who has performed an amazing and funny role is William Fichtner. You can watch this full movie on MX player and it’s hindi dubbed.

Top Five Movies/Series on MX Player,Number 2 by Hoichoi

Number 4- Season of the witch: Well it’s also a movie that’s quite interesting and relevant to black magic and lucifer.

In this movie you will find a fascinating girl who is believed to be a witch but in the end it becomes fallacy of the people.

As the girl was in control by a soul of a witch who which was killed about 100+ years ago.

This movie is filled with thrills and mysteries and it’s available in hindi dubbed version on MX Player.

Number 3- Baby Driver: This is a quite famous movie and barely there would be anyone who have not watched this movie.

So you can watch it on MX Player it’s hindi dubbed.

This movie is all about thefts where a boy whose name is “baby” drives car amazingly and easily perplexes police by his driving talent.

But he falls in love with a mesmerizing girl with whom he fall in love.

Top Five Movies/Series on MX Player,Number 2 by Hoichoi

Number 2- Charitraheen: Among all the top and most watched web series MX Player, Charitraheen by Hoichoi video streaming is becoming more and more famous day by day.

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This Web series has two Season, And all the episodes are around 30 minutes each.

Main character in the series is Kiranmoyee. Her real name is Naina Ganguly. Who has to face a lot of problems and eventually she takes her live by poison.

This Web Series by Hoichoi is becoming the most famous web series day by day.

This web series is available on MX Player and you can watch it there for free.

Number 1- Raktanchal: Those who likes Web Series like Rangbaaz, Mirzapur must watch this Web Series.

This Web Series is all about the revenge that a man has to take from the person due to which he lost his father.

Vijay singh beomes a criminal due to his father’s murder and vows to take down the whole empire and rule of mafia don Wasim Khan.

Vijay’s father was murdered in front of him. He was a guy who wants to prepare for government exams as his father wants him to come a government servant. But due to his father’s murder all he wants is to take revenge.

This web Series is quite similar to Rangbaaz.

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