Top five Most Disliked YouTube Videos

In this article you are going to know the top five most disliked videos on YouTube people used to think that a song by Justin BieberBaby” was on top 1st position on most disliked videos on YouTube but currently Sadak 2 trailer has surpassed “Baby” and now Sadak 2 trailer stands at 2nd position.

As people in India are quite exasperated due to the nepotism in Bollywood so they have stared boycotting star kids and promoting self made and hard working outsiders like Vidyut Jammwal, Prachi Desai and many more.

Celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor, Sonakhshi Sinha, Karan Johar and many more are getting trolled these days on social media.

Below I’m going to list top five most disliked videos on YouTube so read below and i’ll tell you publishing dates and other information also.

Number 5- Baby Shark Dance: This song is made for kids but elder people also used to watch this video. This video was uploaded on 18 June 2016, currently this video is having 6.3 Billion views and 19 Million likes but at the same place this video stands at 5th position on YouTube top 5 disliked videos, as this video is having 9 Million dislikes.

However this video also stands at 2nd position of most viewed YouTube’s Most viewed video, and on top 1st stands at Despacito.

Number 4- YouTube Rewind 2019: On 4th position their stands at Youtube’s own channel video “YouTube Rewind 2019, this video was uploaded on 5 December, 2019.

Currently this video is having 106 Million views, total number of liked and dislikes stands at 3.4 Million and 9.1 Million respectively and total comments on this video stands at 1.1 Million.

Number 3- Justin Bieber- Baby ft. Ludacris: This song is quite famous song and a lot of people who are interested in Hollywood songs must have listened this song during those days. A year ago this video was having same number of likes and dislikes as Total likes and disliked were 10 Million. But after the release of Sadak 2 trailer people want to break the records and wanted to make Sadak 2 trailer “Most disliked video on YouTube”.

This song by Justin Bieber was uploaded on February 19, 2010. Total number of views on this video stands at 2.2 Billion, total likes and dislikes stands at 14 Million and 11 Million respectively.

Number 2- Sadak 2 trailer: Well as Indians can do everything so they broke the records and specially the record of Justin Bieber Song “Baby” and Now the Sadak 2 Trailer stands at 2nd position and sooner netizens will make it on top 1st position.

Sadak 2 Trailer was uploaded on 12 August, 2020 that means barely 1 week have passed and it has crossed the limits and break the record of “Baby Song”.

This video is having 66 Million views and total likes are just 679K and total dislikes stands at 12 Million.

Top five Most Disliked YouTube Videos
Top five Most Disliked YouTube Videos

Number 1- YouTube rewind 2018: On number 1 position here stands at YouTube Rewind 2018 and it has most number of dislikes on YouTube.

This video was uploaded on December 6 2018, Currently this video is having 205 Million views however total likes total at 2.8 Million and Total number of dislikes stands at 18 Million.

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