top five Instagram features

In this post i’m going to tell you top five Instagram features that users should know as Instagram has a lot of features hidden inside setting and people are barely aware of them.

Feature 1- Story for close Friends: Have you ever saw a story in Green color as usually story in Instagram are in red color! So how does this happen?

Well the answer is you see the green color story as your friends have listed you as close friend! That means you are included in the list of those people to whom you are closer! Below there’s an image you can check that so you understand how it looks.

Top Five Instagram Features
Top Five Instagram Features

On top of this you can a story and it’s in green color this means that this story is limited to close friends.

To upload a story to your close friends on your Instagram account all you need to do is to go to upload a story and then there you will see an option where you can see an option in green which will let you upload your story to your close friends and only those people can see it.

If you are going to use this feature for the first time then you will be asked to select your close friends so that only those people can see.

Feature 2- Turning off your last seen and active now: You must have saw that like WhatsApp and Facebook you can see the Last seen and active now of your friends so your friends or followers that you have talked on Instagram can see.

If you have message someone either your follower or a random person then both of you can easily check each other’s Last seen and active now status!

But what you would do if you want to hide your last seen and active now?

Well below there’s a detail dedicated video which will make it easy for you to hide it and this video is barely 4 minutes long.

So if you have watched this video then you be able to hide your last seen and active now very easily.

Feature 3- QR code scanner Instagram: Well this is also an amazing feature that’s on trend and quite helpful for business. As now if you want to follow anyone then you can easily follow them by scanning your QR code.

Moreover if you want anyone to follow you and you can’t tell your username to everyone like on your website you can put your QR code so that people can scan from their Instagram app and follow you easily.

Now business can easily use this feature so as to make people aware of their brand and their official Instagram Account,

To use this feature all you have to do is to go to QR code section where you can scan anyone’s QR code and can generate your QR code easily and share it on social media or stick on your website.

Below there’s a dedicated video for this so that you can use this feature easily check it below:

Top Five Instagram Features

Feature 4- Instagram Reels: Well this feature has came out this month after the ban on Tik Tok and other short video apps.

So with the help of this feature you can easily watch short videos on your Instagram app and yea on the other side people are irked too as “Reels” have taken the place of Browse or Search so everyone including me got irked as the position has been changed.

Now the search option is on top and the place where browse and search option was there has been taken by reels.

Feature 5- Checking Usage of app on daily app: With this feature you can see that how many hours or minutes you stay on your Instagram app.

There you can track you daily hours that you give to |Instagram moreover you can set a reminder let’s say an hour or two hour.

All you have to go to your profile and then click on Your Activity where you will be able to track your time consumption.

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