Now a days more and more and more people are taking chance to become a successful Youtuber, so in the beginning people who used to make videos from mobile faces a lot of problems when they edit their videos to make it more fascinating, so i’m going to give a list of top five essential apps that a youtuber should download so as to become a pro youtuber.

1: YT Creator Studio: Now personally i believe that for every youtuber it’s very necessary to keep an eye on his channel and videos, its performance, so so for that the person should have an app in which he can see all the necessary analytics like Watch time, views, subscriber change, realtime views etc, so for that a person should download this app from Play store so that he can see all the analytics, with Youtube studio app person can also observe his Realtime views, subscriber change in previous days, likes, Top views, etc , moreover in this app its very easy for a person to upload a custom thumbnail made by him, because as mostly people want to edit their thumbnail when they need, so if anyone wants to change their thumbnail and they operate their channel from mobile so with youtube Creator Studio app a person can upload custom thumbnail very easily and whenever they want.

2: PixelLab: Now this is the kind of app that every youtuber needs if they are operating their channel from mobile, as thumbnail is the main part that decides the performance of a video and its growth, if the thumbnail of a person is not bewitching then nobody will tap on that video and hence the video will be useless, so for person should have this app in their phone, to use this app is very easy and a person can make his thumbnail according to him, even they can add a photo of them in the thumbnail, but if anyone feels like this app is somewhat tough for them to use he can see this video , with the help of this video a person can easily make his custom thumbnail.

3: Screen Recorder-No Ads: however their are many screen recorder in Play store and even better than this app but i’m just giving this suggestion because i’m using this app, screen recorder is the app with which a person can record his mobile screen like youtubers do it when they want to upload their game and many more things they can do with the help of screen recorder, it gives option like brush, landscape mode, etc.

4: Video Editor- To edit a video youtubers who edit their video from mobile literally needs a video editor, so the app i use to edit my video is “Video Editor by FUNVIDEOAPP STUDIO, with the help of this app a youtuber can do amazing things like Cropping their video, adding a subtitle in their video, to edit a specific part of their video, like many youtubers wants video effects, speed adjusting, mixing photos and videos, etc. So for that i prefer them to download this app for free from play store.

5: NCS Music- Every youtuber wants to add free music to their so when they try to add music by downloading from google so oftentimes they see a copyright strike on their video and their video will be taken down from youtube hence all their efforts become useless, so for adding a free music to a video without giving a chance to copyright strike a youtube should download this app so that they can add free music to their video and it will become their video more fascinating, using anyone’s music is not allowed as it is someone’s property, so for that NCS Music app is very beneficial. This app can be easily downloaded from Play store for free.

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