In this guide I’ll elucidate the mistakes in blogging that new bloggers and even old bloggers commit moreover you will also learn how to fix those mistakes and never commit those mistakes because it’s all about personal experience and some research.

Mistake 1- Choosing Blogger instead of WordPress- Nobody wants to invest money in start i agree but if you see the interviews of successful blogger, then you will got to learn that they will suggest you to use WordPress.

Blogger is free and that is the reason more and more people are joining blogger but among them very few are serious. People wants to try their luck.

I would say that if you are literally serious and wants to do something then you must have guts to do some investment.

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If your blog fails on blogger then majority of people will say that blogging is useless, henceforth you will get a fallacy on blogging career. Learn how to increase your blog traffic.

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Mistakes in blogging

Mistake 2- Choosing Niche- That is the most important issue that you should think before starting your blogging career.

If you are not sure whether you can write endless about something then you should choose that niche.

If you have interest in Snooker then start a blog of Snooker and then start writing about it.

It’s all about your interest, if you choose something that you are not interested in then eventually you will end up wasting your money.

Mistakes in blogging

Mistake 3- SSL Certificate- Well imagine if you open a website and then you will get a message that this site is not secure! will you stay there? Definitely NO!

So make your your website must have a ssl certificate installed otherwise you will end up loosing your organic visitors on your site.

Either you can purchase SSL Certificate from your hosting providers.

In my case I’ve purchased my ssl Certificate for Rs 855 Lifetime!

Or You can go and choose alternative by signing up for

Mistake 4- SEO Tool- You know pretty well that you are living in 2020, so i would say that without SEO tool your articles are not going to rank on Google.

You can either use Ahrefs or SEMrush!

Well I’m suggesting you that you should use Ahrefs because majority of people are using Ahrefs.

If you can’t afford the price for ahrefs then you must see the below video and then you will learn that how you can purchase ahrefs for Rs 299 only for a month.

Mistakes in Blogging committed by WordPress and Bloggers!

Mistake 5- Sitemap error- Sitemap is very necessary so without sitemap you would not be able to get your sites, post on Google.

So make your you submit your xml sitemap to your Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tool.

If you are a WordPress user then you can easily submit your sitemap, make sure yoast seo plugin is installed.

Below I’m giving a video with that you can easily submit your sitemap to search console in just few minutes.

Mistake 6- Not Setting Up For Google analytics– Google Search Console, Google AdSense- As When a person makes a new website then he just gets perplexed as to what he should do.

Well after customizing your site you have to set up for Google analytics to see all your insights and to monitor your audience.

Search console is used so as to tell Google that your website exists on Google, if you haven’t add your property in Google search console then start right now because without it your site will not get indexed will not your blogs will become in vain.

Google AdSense is used to get revenue by showing ads on your website mostly people start blogs by knowing about AdSense.

but they don’t know that Search Console is also an important tool to get your site indexed.

7- Not indexing your articles to search console- when you publish an article, don’t start sharing your articles instead of that first thing you have to do is that go to Google Search Console And bing Webmaster Tool and submit the url of your article.

In Google Search Console you have to go to url inspection on left then then submit the url.

In Bing Webmaster tool you have to submit the url of your article in the option “Fetch as Bingbot.

8- Sharing your blog to Facebook- if you are sharing your blog link to Facebook a lot of times a day then I’m pretty sure you will see the below message soon or most of you have saw that.

mistakes in blogging

So don’t share your blog link a lot of times on Facebook instead start focusing on organic traffic.

9- Using Images from Google- Many people don’t know that you can’t take images from Google as it’s not you property.

So if you need images for your blog you should either use pixabay or

But often times you don’t get desired images from that so in that case you can use Google Images but before using Google images make your you do watch the below video in which you will learn that how you can get copyright free images from Google.

10- To increase you audience- Well everyone wants to increase traffic on their site but some people don’t know about push notifications.

Well push notifications is all about getting users notified when you publish a new blog on your site.

So it will increase your daily traffic on your site.

So i want to know in the comment section that useful did you find this blog “mistakes in blogging”.

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