Lucknow News Update Today- It’s quite exhilarating that from today including Nakkhas market of old Lucknow.

DM of Lucknow has said that permission has been granted to open the 7 Markets of Lucknow. It includes B.N road, Lalbagh, Akbari Gate, Victoria Street, Nadaan Mahal Road.

Markets in the above places will open from today but prevention should be done and shop owners and vendors should use sanitizers.

Markets in the above areas are allowed to open 6 days in a week, and one day will be made for sanitization in the markets.

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Aminadabad market and Gadbadjhala are still now allowed to open maybe it would take a little bit of more time.

Yesterday it has been seen that markets in the Alambagh gets back their charms again as people were purchasing goods from the market.

Lucknow News update-

1- Seven Famous markets in old Lucknow are going to open from today.

2- Nakhhas, Lalbagh, Akbari Gate, Nadan Mahal Road, Lalabagh, Nehru Road will open from today.

3- Proper sanitization has been advised so as to curb the impact of coronavirus.

4- Aminabad market and Gadbadjhala still waiting to get permission.

5- Till now Lucknow has got 290 cases of COVID-19 among them 218 are healthy, 3 people have lost their lives.

6- Fifteen new COVID-19 cases has been reported today.

7- Permission has been given Lucknow that 7 markets are allowed to open from today but it has been ordered strictly that shop owners are not allowed to give goods to anyone who is not wearing a mask.

Lucknow News

Corona crises highlights India-

1- Currently India stands at 9 position in the list of severely hit countries coronavirus.

2- Total number of Covid-19 cases in India stands at 1,73,763. Among them 82,627 people have been cured and discharged from hospital and 4,980 people have lost their lives.

3- In the last 24 Hours 7,964 new covid-19 cases has been registered in India.

4- Maharashtra is the state where coronavirus cases are at peak! Total number of cases in Maharashtra stands at 33,133 among them 27,000 people have been cured and discharged from hospital. Death Toll in the state stands at 3,000.

5- In Delhi total number of cases stands at 9,145. Among them 7,846 people have been cured and discharged from hospital. Death toll stands at 400.

6- In Tamil Nadu total number of cases stands at 8,780. Death toll stands at 155.

7- Gujarat stands at 4th position on severely hit states in India as total number of covid-19 cases stands at 6,345. Death toll in the state stands at 985.

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