how to recover deleted photos in android with this app

Majority of people now a days don’t know that they can recover all deleted photos and it’s very simple. In this guide I’ll tell you how to recover deleted photos in android.

Many people often get irked when their important photos gets deleted in their android phone, well this guide will specifically focus on android device and it’s very easy to recover deleted photos in android.

how to recover deleted photos in android
How to recover deleted photos in android

How to recover deleted photos in android-

To recover all deleted photos in android their are three ways:

Google Drive: Many people don’t know that Google Drive is a place where you can hide all your important photos and documents, so if your photos and documents gets deleted by mistake then you can simply download those photos or transfer it in mail or WhatsApp. But if you know about this then you can check the second and third measure.

Google drive is an app that is available on android play store with that you can recover all those photos that you have saved there.

If a person has not saved any photo in Google drive then he can try the second measure.

By Restoring photos in Google Photo App: Well I’m somewhat sure that people also know this but I’m just telling this because many people don’t know that they can get back all deleted photos in their Android phone very easily by restoring the trash. But if you also know about this then surely last measure will verily help you.

how to recover deleted photos in android
How to recover deleted photos in android

How to restore deleted photos from trash-

Restoring your photos from Google photos app is very easy and all deleted photos can be restored by selecting specific photos in trash or by selecting all the photos in trash for that you have to do the following:

  • Open the Google photos app.
  • At the top left menu in albums there are some options, among them there is an option of trash, open the trash.
  • Click on the restore button on top and select the photos that you want to restore or you can select all photos by tapping and scrolling down.
  • After selecting all those photos tap on the restore button to restore button. And you will get all your deleted photos back in your gallery..

Note: Items in the trash gets automatically removed after 60 days, it simply means that if you have deleted a photos in your phone then you can get those photos back from trash in 60 days, after 60 day those photos gets automatically deleted from trash.

But stay low-key with the third trick you can easily get all your photos back even after getting deleted from trash, well that you you just need to download an app and do some steps.

How to recover deleted photos in android with the help of this app-

Well I’m pretty sure that mostly people know the above measure to get all their deleted photos back in their phone.

But the intention is to tell those who don’t know this thing, as you can see they have all photos in their Trash and Google Drive but people people often don’t know how to recover them well it can be recovered easily with an App, and according to me it’s the last step in this guide with the help of of that a person can easily recover photos in Android.

How to recover deleted photos in android
How to recover deleted photos in android
  • Above image is the screenshot, in which you can see that after selecting all those photos in this App you can also transfer these photos to Dropbox, Google Drive, Email.
  • So recover these photos go to play store and search for an App called “Disk Digger” then the first result will the result of that App, don’t download any other app the app will be like “DiskDigger photo recovery by defiant technologies, LLC. and this app is very lite. And this app is very lite, less than 5 MB, so download that App.
  • After opening that app then start “basic photo scan” then you can see all the photos that have been deleted, it will show you all the photos that were present in your phone.
  • Then once the scanning gets end you can select the photos you want to recover.
  • There is also an option in scanning where you can get some more photos by moulding the setting.
  • Then after getting all the photos you can recover the desired photos you want to recover.
  • And then you will see an option where you can save those photos with in Dropbox, Google Drive or Email.

So I’m pretty sure that you must have get those deleted photos with the help of above three techniques, you must have faced issues in getting those photos back and in your gallery, first and second technique must be known by many but the intention is to elucidate that to all, but the last technique must be very useful for people.

Disk digger is just an app less than 5 Mb and with the help of this you can get photos back that once have got deleted, the flaw i can see is that there is no option for recovering PDF files or mp3 files but still you can get back all the photos.

So behind in the comment section i want to know that by which technique you have got your photos back in your gallery or Google Drive etc.

So comment down your experience, and If you have any other technique then you can also comment it down.

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