Website traffic

Getting huge website traffic is quite tough and it will take some time like it would take at least six months same case in YouTube it would also take a lot of time to reach prosperity.

But still you can get initial traffic for your YouTube channel and your blog very easily

Number 1: SEO- Well as you all know that SEO is very important for YouTube as well as Blogging.

Without SEO you can’t get views on your blogs and videos so initial SEO must be done.

So for SEO purpose i suggest that you should use a tool that will help you to gain initial views on less competition keywords. so below is the video which will help a lot to know the SEO.

Whether it is YouTube or blog ahrefs is quite important for both.

Number 2: Quora- Well according to my perception if you want to get initial views for your blogs and YouTube videos then i prefer Quora is the best.

And mostly bloggers and YouTubers are utilizing the features of Quora and are gaining traffic.

People use to ask questions on Quora to eradicate their perplexion but some people don’t know that they can also gain traffic from Quora.

All they have to do is by answering the questions on Quora by explaining the answer of their questions and at last by sticking your Post/YouTube video link

Below you can see that how i answered a question by elucidating in brief.


In the above image you can see that how i elucidated the answer you people have to do the same to make you answer fascinating and informative so that readers will read it.

And at last all you have to do is to paste the link so that viewers can go to your website or YouTube channel and it will increase your website traffic and visitors.

Below there’s a screenshot in which you can see how much views I’ve got from that answer.


I’ve got 1.4k views from that answer and among them a lot of people have visited my blog.

So it’s all about utilizing the opportunities.


Number 3: YouTube- Well YouTube is also another platform where you can get a lot of views on your videos and blog posts.

All you have to do is stick your comment in the comment section of a video that’s related to your niche or you can also stick the link when you get a notification when someone uploads a new video.

But make sure don’t stick your link a lot of times at it will create spamming.

It should be in moderation.

Website traffic

Number 4: Facebook- Social networking sites like Facebook are quite famous and a lot of people are active on Facebook.

So all you have to do is that you have to share your post link or YouTube video link to bloggers group as it will increase you traffic.

Secondly you can also paste your link to the comment section of pages where a lot of people come.

As it will help you to increase the views on your website and YouTube Videos.

But make sure that you don’t do spamming by sticking your link a lot if times.

Instead you should share it 3-5 times a day.

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