how to get scratch cards on google pay phone pe

Google Pay , Phone Pe are the two main online payment system, with which anyone can send money to each other directly to their bank account.

People can pay electricity bill, postpaid bill, water tax, house tax, etc, all the facilities are present in Phone Pe, Google Pay. But Everyone wants to get Google Pay Scratch Cards.

On Google Pay people can just get free scratch cards just by sending money to their friends is totally free and people can get many scratch cards so after scratching the money is be sent to the respective bank accounts.

Through following ways a person can get scratch cards from Google Pay:

  • By sending Rs 150 or more: People who use Google Pay can get 3 Scratch every week if they send Rs 150 or more to their friends or by paying to someone or recharging.
  • A person should go to his Google pay app and just simply send money to friends or relative each time on sending money above than Rs 150 person will be eligible to get a scratch and he can get maximum 3 scratch cards for sending money to people, for each transaction of the person he will get scratch cards upto Rs 1000 and after scratching the scratch the money will be sent to the bank account of the person instantly.

  • Lucky friday Scratch card: However it has not been seen that anyone has got money in this scratch card, people gets “better luck next time” but according to this, if anyone sends money more than Rs 500 to anyone then the person will be eligible to get this scratch card where he can get Rs 1,00,000 no tax will be deducted from that amount and it will be simply go to the bank account of the respective person who has recieved this scratch card.
  • People can get a scratch card if the shares their link to their friends and families and each time a person downloads from their link the person will get Rs 81 in scratch cards section and after scratching the total amount will be instantly transferred to the bank account of that person, however the person how downloads Google Pay from that link will be eligible to get an assured amount of Rs 21 , however these amounts changes from time to time, as it has been seen that sometimes the reward for invitation reaches to Rs 200 or even more than that. So if anyone wants to download Google Pay to get these amazing rewards they can download it from my link: , after downloading don’t forget to use my referral code “46dt27” otherwise you will not be able to get the scratch card.

Same case like here people can also get rewards in Phone Pe :

Like Google Pay people can also get cashbacks and rewards in reward section of Google Pay, however to get these scratch cards you have to send money of recharge from Phone Pe then you will get rewards in the form of coupons and cashbacks

  • In Phone you can also get cashbacks for that you have to send money or you have to recharge, Phone Pe allows people to do online transactions to their friends and families, you can book a train ticket, flight ticket, bus ticket , movie ticket and many more, the best part part is in many transactions you will be able to recieve cashbacks which you can use in future for recharging and for buying gold.
  • So if anyone wants to download Phone Pe app they can download it from my link: after downloading you will be eligible to get so many scratch cards.
  • Moreover you don’t have to go to shops for recharging your mobile, broadband, because often times it happens that the recharge plan of a person gets expired in the middle of a night and he wants to surf on internet and needs to use internet for personal use so for that purpose these Apps like Phone Pe, Google Pay are there for Help.

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