Google AdSense Verification code

Google used to give a verification code to the user who applies for Google Ad Sense to check the property of that user.

In this guide I’ll tell you about how to get Google ad sense verification code for the first time. Moreover if your codes gets deleted then you can also get your codes back.

If you have lost your AdSense Verification or it’s deleted from your website inside header.php section then you can also fix it, go to the below video and then you will know how to fix that.

Moreover you will find that how you can get your Google AdSense verification code again as if you have deleted your code by mistake.

Google AdSense verification code

When you sign up for Google AdSense you have to be very careful as if you made a mistake then it would be very exasperating to fix your mistake.

So below are the steps you have to follow when you have to submit your Google AdSense verification code:

1- Firstly you have to sign up for AdSense by your email, remember use your official email as this email will become an integral part of your Blogging and YouTube Career.

Google AdSense

2- Then you have to fill your details like name of your website, your address,etc.

3- After filling your details you have to go to sites option that you can see on the left side in the above image.

4- So when you will come to the Sites option you will see an option where you all you have to do is to add your site, that you can see in the below image.

Google AdSense

5- After pasting the url of your website you have to paste the verification code that AdSense gives you in which your publisher Identity number exists. you can check the below image as to see how that code look like and then you have to copy the full code given.

Google AdSense Verification code

6- So after copying the whole code you have to go to your WordPress Dashboard then you have to go to appearance section in the appearance section you will have to go to Theme Editor and once you go to the theme editor you will have to find header.php and go inside the codes, once you will reach the headers.php you will have to paste the whole code between the head tags.

Once you paste that code then you have to come back to AdSense and you have to click on submit button.

After submitting you will see a message in which it will be mentioned that your site is under review.

So have patience mould your blog and after within 2-3 you AdSense Account will surely get approved.

Remember- Don’t mess with html codes as if you would do so then situation will exacerbate and your site may be crashed.

Still Confused?

If you have to do it safely as barely people know the language of html, so below is my Youtube Video where you can see all the information in detail as I’m elucidating everything from scratch.

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