How to earn money with Instagram and Facebook

Now a days everyone is active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but have u ever thought that you can earn a lot of money with these apps. In this guide i’m going to tell you that “How To Earn Money With Instagram and Facebook”.

Next time when you will open Instagram your mind will be thinking totally different and you will focus on earning rather than only scrolling on such apps.

Firstly let me tell you that how people are earning from Instagram and other social networking apps. You must have gone through a lot of Instagram stories of meme pages and in those stories have you ever noticed that they are promoting some products and other pages! So open your phone and see the stories of the meme accounts that you are following since a lot of times. You will see that these pages are showing contents that makes you laugh but on the same stories they promotes products and pages for which they charges money from the advertisers and in return advertisers gets sales conversions and leads.

How To Earn Money With Instagram and Facebook:

So to start earning you should make page in which you have to work for 2-3 hours a day and note more than that. All you have to do is that start posting trending meme on your Facebook and Instagram page. So all you have to go is to to take screenshots of memes of other pages or you can make them of your own and then you have to post it to your page.

Trust me it will take sometime but all you have to do is to work relentlessly and regularly then you will see that you will that your followers will increase as the time passes by and you will see results after some time. When you followers will reach around 25K Or 50K then people will reach you so that they can sell their products on your page and to promote their pages. And as the time passes by your followers will gradually increase and you earnings too.

This applies on both it applies on Facebook page too as people will call for the same things but you should start with Instagram as it has more audience and more time is given to Instagram by people.

How to earn money with Instagram and Facebook
How To Earn Money With Instagram and facebook

So make your Instagram page and do something productive as using these social networking apps not a problem but you should also focus on things that will take a little bit of time and in return you will achieve many things.

Go and DM any meme page and ask them that you have to promote your page and then you will see a reply like the above image from them. That’s what their charges is, and they earn a lot’s of money from their Instagram Accounts.

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