Dhani App

Dhani App is a very famous app and mostly many people are using this app.

So in this article you will learn that how you can earn money by using this App.

If you are using this app and you are somewhat aware about the ambiguity regarding the withdrawal of Dhani cash.

So Firstly I’ve to tell you that you have to download this app from from a referee as it has been seen many times that someone who has downloaded this app from Play Store didn’t get general balance for download.

So i would suggest that download it from a referral link of someone but before that read everything what I’m going to tell you as it will be very beneficial. Still if you want to download then you can download it from here- Download

Dhani App
Dhani App

Some Key Points you should remember about Dhani App-

1- So from this app initially you can earn Rs 20 in general balance once your friend download this app.

2- You can earn upto Rs 30 per referral it could be less but not more than 30.

3- When your friend download this app then you will earning will come in general balance.

4- General balance amount can be used for many purposes like from paying bills to recharging your mobile.

Download Dhani App Now

5- Lastly Dhani Cash is useless you should not run for that as it will waste your time. Remember it’s an advice from me as in YouTube you will see a list of videos in which they will waste your time as this amount can’t be transferred easily. Moreover you can only withdraw Rs 150 from that cash. So focus on general balance.

6- Each download will give you Rs 20 so if your 10 friends downloads this app you can earn around Rs 200. You can use this for many purposes.

Dhani Cash
Dhani Cash

So Above you can see an image it will tell you the list of things in which you can use your General Balance without any hastle.

You can use your balance for recharging your mobile, You can pay Dth bill, Landline bill, Gas bill, Electricity bill and data card too.

So all you have to do is to download this app and then keep sharing your link so that you can earn money with this app very easily.

You can also share your link if you are in a group of people so among them it’s obvious that 5-10 people will download this app.

Moreover you can refer it in Facebook, Instagram Groups.

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