In India cases of novel coronavirus is increasing a lot since few days as today the total positive cases of coronavirus has reached 2,000 mark, where death toll stands at 53, people have been told to maintain social distancing but still due to of lack of goods and services people have to roam a lot as people are unable to purchase goods from the market. In Market there’s a shortage of goods and daily essentials and moreover in India, it has been seen in many cities that people are roaming here and there to get free rations because daily wage earners are suffering the most in nation wide Lockdown.

On Thursday, the positive total cases of Coronavirus in India rose to 2,070 according to Union Health Ministry data,it has been estimated that around 400 cases have been tested positive, among 2,070 positive cases 1860 are active cases, 153 have been cured and discharged and more than 50 people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus. Maharashtra seems to be the most affected state of Coronavirus as among 2,070 cases 330 cases are only from Maharashtra and 13 deaths have been recorded there. To Curb the spread of deadly Coronavirus Maharashtra Government has declared 30 government hospitals of the state as coronavirus hospitals with the availability of more than 2300 beds.

Highlights of Corona Crises in India:

  • 17 new positive cases of coronavirus have been reported today in Andhra Pradesh, state tally rises to 149
  • More than 1,000 people in Maharashtra attended Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz
  • Kerala is the second most affected state in India as 270 positive cases are only from Kerala, with 2 deaths
  • Tamil Nadu stands with 235 cases of Coronavirus with one death
  • In Delhi, the total number of COVID-19 cases is around 220
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asks all District Magistrates, Divisional Commissioners, to monitor the situation at old-age homes in the State
  • Telangana has recorded 27 fresh new cases in State, State tally rises to 154
  • On Thursday, Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma said that Random sampling of people will be carried out in the state to check the spread of deadly Coronavirus
  • In India, due to lockdown effect low consumption of milk, poultry worries ministry

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give a video message on Friday at 9 am, speaking to the nation under lockdown for 21 days to curb the spread of deadly Coronavirus. On the other hand, Israel health Minister Yaakov Litzman has been tested positive of deadly Coronavirus.

If talking about the rank of India globally in the total number of cases, then on 30 March 2020, India was on 41 Rank globally and USA was at Rank 1 with 142,793 positive cases and its still on rank one with 235,747 Cases, and it cases increased by around 1 lakh in just 3 days, whereas in India now India stands at 34 position, with 2070 cases which is still increasing at a great rate.

Total cases of deadly coronavirus globally has crossed the 1 Million mark as now the total cases stands at 1,000,940 whereas 210,244 have been recovered and more than 50,000 people have lost their lives due to deadly COVID-19. USA is suffering the most as total cases of coronavirus stands at 235,747, whereas in Italy and Spain stands at 115,242 and 110,238 respectively.

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