The total number of Coronavirus cases in India is increasing day by day, as today the total number of cases stands at 4789 and death toll stands at 124. Globally the total number of cases of COVID-19 stands at 13,95,065 soon to reach 14 lakh mark, whereas death toll stands at 79,420 and around 2,98,491 have been cured and discharged. Its excruciating that due to nationwide lockdown the cases of coronavirus is still increasing day by day but another reason is the number of tests have been increased. More and more people are testing of COVID-19 so as to curb the spread of this deadly virus.

Highlights of Corona Crises India:

  • 150 people tests positive in Maharashtra, total cases stands at 1017.
  • Rajasthan has reported 15 more cases today, state tally stands at 340.
  • Today a total of 1,14,015 samples have been tested today: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  • In Bhopal 21 fresh cases reported today, total cases stands at 83.
  • Telangana reports 40 fresh cases of coronavirus today, total number of cases in the State stands at 350.
  • Delhi reports 25 fresh cases of COVID-19 today, total number of Coronavirus cases in Delhi stands at 550.
  • Gujarat has reported 10 new cases of coronavirus today, state tally stands at 176.
  • Haryana reports 33 new cases today, total cases in Haryana stands at 130.
  • In Jhansi, a Suspect coronavirus patient runs away from Maharani Lakshmi Bai Medical College on Tuesday morning.
  • 23 areas in Agra are declared as Red Zone.
  • 13 New cases of coronavirus reported in Agra, total cases in Agra stands at 65.
  • Lockdown is not likely to end on April 14 in Uttar Pradesh.

It seems like lockdown is not going to end in Uttar Pradesh on 14 April, lockdown is going to end only when there is no case of of Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, officials said, however few days ago Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that lockdown is going to end on 14 April, but crowding should be avoided, but due to huge increase of coronavirus cases increasing day by day Officials has said that lockdown is likely to extend after 14 April, because we all can see the total number of cases has increased a lot and still increasing and currently its around total cases stands at 4789 so if Government ends up lockdown the situation will verily exacerbate and all the efforts will go in vain

Moreover it has been seen that daily wage earners are struggling a lot due to coronavirus crises, poor people have been seen roaming here and there in search of food, ration, daily essentials. As we can see that very few people can go outside their homes for their jobs, moreover people have been told to work from home, but the people who used to live on the basis of their daily earning are suffering a lot in lockdown, as they can’t get work so they have to stay at home, but it has been seen in many areas that people are giving free rations to poor people so that they can survive in this lockdown. It’s quite exhilarating that in many areas people are making a group and everyone among them are contributing some amount and with amount they are purchasing rations and then giving all that ration to the needy.

Highlights of Coronavirus Crises Globally:

  • Globally total number of coronavirus cases are 13,95,065, Death toll stands at 79,420 and around 2,98,491 have been cured and discharged.
  • America stands at top position here as total cases in America stands at 3,86,587 death toll stands at 12,275 and around 21,316 have been cured and discharged.
  • Spain’s situation is also critical as total cases in Spain stands at 1,40,511 death toll stands at 13,897 and 43,208 people have been cured and discharged.
  • In Italy total cases stands at 1,35,586 death toll stands at 17,127 and around 24,392 people have been cured and discharged.
  • Then there comes France and Germany where total cases stands at 1,09,069 and 1,06,739 respectively whereas death toll stands at 10,328 and 1,942 respectively.
  • In France and Germany 24,392 and 19,337 people have been cured and discharged from hospitals.

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