Coronavirus Crises is becoming more and more excruciating day by day as it’s cases are increasing at a very high rate all over the world specially like USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. It has been seen in previous days that more and more people are dying of coronavirus like in Italy, Spain recently the death tally per day were increasing to a level like 800, 900 and in Spain death toll per day has reached to 1000.

However in India, tally of coronavirus cases nears 1200 and among them Maharashtra takes the stake as 215 patients are only from Maharashtra among 1200, Death toll of the country seems around 34.

Highlights Of Coronavirus Crises India:

  • Death Tally rises to 34
  • Total cases of Coronavirus is around 1170
  • Maharashtra positive Cases reported today are 28
  • Coronavirus Positive cases in Delhi rises to 50
  • Ambala has reported its first positive case of COVID-19
  • Gujarat Positive cases stands at 71
  • Assam has converted 3 medical colleges as exclusive Coronavirus hospitals
  • Sonia Gandhi sets up control on Covid-19
  • Maharashtra Government has set up 260 relief camps for migrants labourers where they will be provided food and shelter
  • In Pune a 52 year old man has lost his life due to Coronavirus.
  • Cases of Coronavirus in Rajasthan has reached 60
  • Tamil Nadu has registered 17 new cases today, total cases rises to 67

However, total cases of coronavirus of all countries all over the world stands at 735,833 and among them new cases are 13,474, total deaths are 34,847, and total recovered are 156,142.

But, It seems like USA is suffering the most as total cases of coronavirus has reached to 142,793 but yesterday it was around 125,000. Americans has been advised to avoid non essential travel and gatherings of people and asked to curb the crowd.

Total Cases of Coronavirus in descending order all over the world:

  • USA- 142,793
  • Italy- 97,689
  • Spain- 85,195
  • China- 81,470
  • Germany- 62,435
  • Iran- 41,495
  • France- 40,174
  • UK- 19,522
  • Switzerland- 15,069
  • Belgium- 11,899
  • Netherlands- 10,866
  • South Korea- 9,661
  • Turkey- 9,217
  • Austria- 9,200
  • Portugal- 6,408
  • Canada- 6,320
  • Norway- 4,393
  • Israel- 4,347
  • Brazil- 4,316
  • Australia- 4,225
  • Sweden- 3,700
  • Czechia- 2,866
  • Malaysia- 2,626
  • Ireland- 2,615
  • Denmark- 2,555
  • Chile- 2,139
  • Romania- 1,952
  • Luxembourg- 1,950
  • Ecuador- 1,924
  • Poland- 1,905
  • Japan- 1,866
  • Russia- 1,836
  • Pakistan- 1,625
  • Phillippines- 1,546
  • Thailand- 1,524
  • Indonesia- 1,414
  • Finland- 1,352
  • Saudi Arabia- 1,299
  • South Africa- 1,280
  • Greece- 1,156
  • India- 1,071

Italy, which is in headlines for some days has curbed its deaths as now the number of deaths has decreased to some extent as on Sunday Italy has reported 756 new cases of coronavirus. Spain’s health ministry announced 838 new coronavirus deaths.

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the peak death rate in the US from deadly COVID-19 was likely to hit in two weeks and extended social distancing till April 30.

On the Other side German finance minister Thomas Schaefer, has committed suicide apparently after becoming deeply worried over how to cop with the economic fallout from deadly COVID-19. He was found dead near a railway track on Saturday. The Wiesbaden prosecution office said they believe he died by suicide.

In India people were speculating that the nation wide 21 day lockdown will be extended, but the government has eradicated the misconception of people by telling that 21-day period will not be extended. In UP 24 new cases of coronavirus been reported and tested positive, among these 24 cases 14 cases are from Meerut, 7 from Noida, 1 Each from Agra, Bulandshahr and Lucknow.

Seventeen patients have been recovered and been discharged in UP so far, The State has so far tested 2,704 samples and put 1,344 under institutional quarantine.

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