The number of cases of coronavirus in India has crossed 3,000 mark, globally total cases have crossed 1 Million mark and deaths are around 50,000. India has reported 2,900 cases of COVID-19 with death toll stands at 75 however yesterday total cases of Coronavirus were around 2547 with death toll at 60. It has been estimated that India has reported around 600 new cases in the last 24 hours. The western city of Mumbai has among the highest number of COVID-19 Patients in India.

Highlights of COVID-19 Crises In India:

  • Kerala has witnessed 11 fresh cases of COVID-19 today, State tally stands at 306, among them more than 250 are active cases while 50 people have been discharged.
  • Haryana has witnessed 18 new cases of COVID-19 today, tally stands at 48.
  • 52 new cases of coronavirus found in Mumbai, among them 4 have lost their lives.
  • Singapore reports 75 new Cases of COVID-19 today.
  • Bollywood Singer Kanika Kapoor tests negative for Coronavirus however she has to stay at PGI Hospital in Lucknow until one more test result comes as negative.
  • Andhra Pradesh reports 26 new cases of coronavirus today, State tally stands at 190.
  • In Tamil Nadu, 53 Year old woman dies due to deadly COVID-19, death toll stands at 3.
  • Kashmir has reported 14 new cases of Coronavirus, total number of cases stands at 92.
  • 74 New cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu, State Tally stands at 483.
  • Arvind Kejriwal said that Eleven Coronavirus patients in ICU in Delhi, five on ventilator.
  • In Uttarakhand 6 more people tests positive today, tally stands at 22.
  • Andhra Pradesh have reported 26 new cases of Covid-19 and state tally stands at 190.

Highlights of Coronavirus Globally:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to America’s President Donald Trump, on phone call agree to use full strength of India-US ties to fight COVID-19.
  • Globally the total cases of Coronavirus stands at 11,53,287, death toll stands at 61,653 and 240,194 people have been recovered till now.
  • America is suffering a lot due to corona crises as the total cases of coronavirus stands at 2,90,920, seems to cross the 3 lakh mark, total deaths stands at 7,844 and 14,368 people have been recovered.
  • In Spain total cases of coronavirus stands at 1,24,736 death toll stands at 11,744 while 34,219 people have been recovered.
  • Italy’s seems to be better than other countries, total cases of coronavirus stands at 1,19,827 death toll stands at 14,681 and around 19,758 people have been recovered.
  • In Germany total cases stands at 92,150, death toll stands at 1,330 and 26,400 people have been recovered.
  • In France total cases stands at 82,165, death toll stands at 6,507 and 14,008 people have been recovered.

It has been estimated at today the total cases of coronavirus will increase on daily basis like this, and lockdown should be taken seriously otherwise situation will exacerbate and cases will become tough to handle, as Schools and Colleges are closed due to deadly coronavirus so teachers are taking classes online and giving assignments on Whatsapp so that students will not face any difficulty related to their studies, and when they come to give their exams then they dont have to face any difficulty.

Moreover its a very serious stage in India, as it has been observed that the cases are increasing a lot day by day so lockdown should be taken seriously, however due to unplanned lockdown poor people and daily wage earners are facing a lot of problems and in many areas they don’t have anything to eat, due to government efforts poor people are getting food to eat and it has been seen that many volunteers from colony are arranging money to buy rations and daily essentials to curb the exasperation of poor and needy.

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