The total number of people being tested positive for COVID-19 rose to 2,547 and yesterday the cases were 2,070 but today the cases have crossed the 2500 mark and death toll stands at 60. People are suffering a lot due to coronavirus as cases are increasing day by day moreover people have to suffer from shortage of goods as in many cities there is very less stock in the market specially retailers are facing the shortage of goods as they can’t fulfill the demands of the consumer of daily essentials, on the other side the demand for dairy products have decreased a lot since few days.

Currently there are around 2300+ active patients in India and around 156 people have been recovered and discharged from hospital, Death toll stands at 60. It has been observed that the most of the infected people are from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi.

Tamil Nadu has witnessed a huge rise in the number of positive cases of Coronavirus as 310 people had tested positive for coronavirus in the state, Kerala is also in the list of most affected state by standing at 286 Cases.

Highlights of Corona Crises India:

  • At least six people have lost their life due to deadly COVID-19 during last 24 hours
  • 478 Fresh cases of COVID-19 has been reported in India, Highest in a day, Death toll Stands at 60
  • Today Maharashtra has reported around 67 new Cases of COVID-19
  • Government has said on Friday that there is no shortage of medicines in the Country
  • Today Tamil Nadu has witnessed 100+ Cases, State tally Stands at 411
  • Andhra Pradesh has witnessed its first death in the State due to deadly COVID-19
  • Coronavirus has claimed one more life in Gujarat, toll rises to 9
  • Talangana has reported 75 new cases of COVID-19 and two people have lost their lives
  • 243 Tabhlighi Jamaat members quarantined in Haridwar
  • In Gujarat, 67 year old man died due to deadly Coronavirus, state tally stands at 9
  • J Vijay Kumar, Director of Bhopal Health Department has been tested positive for COVID-19
  • Punjab has reported 6 new cases of COVID-19, in which 2 people have attended Tabhlighi Jamaat
  • Centre gives states Rs 11,092 crore to fight Pandemic
  • One more tests positive in Bihar, total number of cases reached 30

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares a video message at 9 am on Friday Morning, PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation today, saying that the nation is united against the fight with deadly COVID-19, Narendra Modi has asked the citizens of India to switch off all lights for nine minutes and light up lamps or torch or cellphone flashlight or candles at 9 pm on 5 April 2020, Sunday. However social distancing should be maintained while lighting up lamps and candles, he added.

Highlights of Coronavirus Globally:

  • Total cases of Coronavirus stands at 10,63,933 Globally, total Deaths stands at 56,620 and around 2,25,622 people have been recovered.
  • USA stands at top position as Corona is creating crises at great level, total cases stands at 2,59,565. total deaths stands at 6,594 , and around 11,960 people have been recovered
  • Italy stands at 2nd position standing with 1,19,827 cases, total deaths stands at 14,681 and around 19,758 people have been recovered
  • Spain is also suffering a lot as total cases stands at 1,17,710, total deaths stands at 10,935 and 30,513 people have been recovered
  • Germany’s condition is also quite excruciating as total cases stands at 89,451 with 1,208 total deaths and 24,575 people have been recovered

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