On Friday, Italy has recorded a shocking increase in the number of deaths as, it has recorded around 970 deaths which is quite excruciating as now a days, more and more people are dying of deadly COVID-19 in every part of the world. Number of deaths are increasing day by day, as on Monday the number of deaths in Italy was around 600, then it increased to 740 on Tuesday, more than 680 on Wednesday, on Thursday it was around 715 and then on Friday it has reached to 970, which is a huge number of deaths in a day as compared to other countries.

United States Of America has already surpassed China’s tally of cases on Thursday, but in Italy those people being infected nationwide, out of them around 11,000 have been recovered on Friday as compared to 10,360 people on Thursday.

Around 588,038 cases of Coronavirus has been registered, Deaths are around 26,917 and 132,440 people have been recovered.

Number of total cases of Coronavirus from Country to Country Starting in descending order:

  • USA: 99,116
  • Italy: 86,498
  • China: 81,340
  • Spain: 64,059
  • Germany: 50,178
  • France: 32,964
  • Iran: 32,332
  • UK: 14,543
  • Switzerland: 12,928
  • South Korea: 9,332
  • Netherlands: 8,603
  • Austria: 7,657
  • Belgium: 7,284
  • Turkey: 5,698
  • Canada: 4,610
  • Portugal: 4,268
  • Norway: 3,717
  • Brazil: 3,417
  • Australia: 3,810
  • Sweden: 3,046
  • Israel: 3,035
  • Czechia: 2,279
  • Malaysia: 2,161
  • Ireland: 2,121
  • Denmark: 2,046
  • Chile: 1,610
  • Luxembourg: 1,605
  • Ecuador: 1,595
  • Poland: 1,389
  • Japan: 1,387
  • Pakistan: 1,331
  • Romania: 1,292
  • South Africa: 1,170
  • Thailand: 1,136
  • Saudi Arabia: 1,104
  • Indonesia: 1,046
  • Finland: 1,041
  • Russia: 1,036
  • Greece: 966
  • Iceland: 890
  • India: 887

However there are many more countries but there cases are quite less, but it can been seen from the above cases that Countries like USA, Italy, China, Spain, Germany, France, Iran have suffered the most as you can see that from the above data USA has 99,116 cases and Italy has 86, 498 Cases these two Countries has suffered the most and still suffering and among huge number of cases China Stands at 3rd position after USA and Italy.

If we see the number of deaths then new Deaths in China is 5, and if we talk about USA then it is 231, and the excruciating part is Italy is losing its people day by day as new deaths in Italy is around 919 people.

In India, as the coronavirus cases spikes, India begins preparations for Stage 3, Stage 3 is community transmission, when the source of infection is not known for majority of the infected population and new positive cases can no longer be traced to diagnosed cases.

According to Scientists, Stage 1 is the stage when the country receives imported cases, Stage 2 is local transmission when persons can get the infection from known sources, however Stage 3 is the stage when source of infection is not known for majority of the infected population and new positive cases can no longer be traced to diagnosed cases. It simply means the scale of the outbreak will increase to a huge figure.

In Delhi, Positive cases of coronavirus has reached 40, five have been cured. However, Delhi Chief Minister has informed that a five member panel of doctors has submitted its report, prescribing the standard operating procedure for dealing with a situation involving 100, 500 and 1000 new cases per day.

In India, Police seems quite exasperated by people as people are taking nation lockdown casually so videos and photos have been seen in which police are punishing people in their own way, this seems good so as to make the scared and coronavirus cases will be curbed, but in Patna, three police constables were arrested and sent to jail after they allegedly shot at and injured a truck driver when he refused to pay bribe for his truck to pass.

Police is also facing problems because people are coming outside their houses without any genuine reason so due to exasperation police are beating people so that they will stay at their respective homes, but in several parts of India, it can be seen in videos being shared on social media that police are beating so mercilessly that some people will lost their mind, in several cities like Lucknow police can bee seen giving punishments to people who are roaming on roads without a genuine reason, and its totally fine and necessary too for people to understand that how dangerous is COVID-19.

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