Corona crises is increasing day by day as due to it people have to face deficit of goods and services moreover poor people are roaming here and there in search of ration as the prices of daily essential have increased.

Yesterday the cases of Corona were about to touch 1400 mark but today the limit has increased a lot as now the total positive cases of coronavirus stands at 1637, it means within a day more than 300 positive cases of coronavirus has been reported and if the situation exacerbates then within 2 days it may cross 2000 mark.

Highlights of Corona Crises:

  • Delhi has seen a huge increase in the positive cases of coronavirus as there are around 120 patients itself in Delhi.
  • 376 new coronavirus positive cases have been reported in last 24 hours.
  • Mumbai and Pune are the hotspots in Maharashtra.
  • The total Deaths due to Coronavirus has reached 38 In India.
  • 2 Resident Doctors of Safdarganj Hospital has been tested positive of Coronavirus.
  • FIR filed against 6 Jamatis, and 617 have been admitted to Hospital, who were present in Nizamuddin Tablighi Jama’at, Delhi.
  • Tamil Nadu confirms around 20 positive cases of coronavirus, all of them had visited Delhi for religious event.
  • Total number of COVID-19 positive cases in Karnataka has crossed 100 mark.
  • Around 90+ positive cases of coronavirus are in Telangana and Rajasthan.
  • Uttar Pradesh has crossed the 100 mark of positive cases of coronavirus.

In Delhi, a patient being admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital attempted suicide but luckily he has been saved by the doctors, he was a suspected patient of coronavirus and he tried to jump from the window of one of the room in Hospital. This man was among the people who were taken to hospitals from Nizamuddin Markaz.

As due to Nation wide lock-down people have to face a lot of difficulties like high prices of goods and shortage of supply of vegetables and fruits. As it has been seen the prices of vegetables and fruits have increased a lot and moreover there are very few sellers of fruit and vegetables on road, due to fear of coronavirus in India.

In Tamil Nadu, Police have booked cases against at least 33,000 people for violating lock-down from March 24 to March 31 and levied fines amounting 14 lakhs. However in Ahmedabad 8 new cases of coronavirus reported from Ahmedabad, the tally rises to 80+ in Gujarat.

Highlights of Coronavirus Globally:

  • Total positive Cases of Coronavirus stands at 889,213 all over the world.
  • Total deaths in world due to Coronavirus stands at 44,322.
  • Total people recovered from deadly Coronavirus stands at 188,352.
  • Total positive cases of Coronavirus in USA stands at 191,193.
  • Total positive cases of Coronavirus in Italy stands at 105,792.
  • Total positive cases of Coronavirus in Spain stands at 102,136.
  • After USA, Italy and Spain become the countries crossing the one lakh mark of total positive cases.
  • Total Deaths due to Coronavirus in Italy stands at 12,428.
  • Total Deaths due to Coronavirus in USA and Spain stands at 4,138 and 9,053 respectively.
  • All over the world, total positive cases of Coronavirus stands at 889,213 and new cases stands at 30,894, total deaths stands at 44,322.
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